Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Speed Racer

After years of trying to get going and numerous false starts, the live-action Speed Racer project is closer to moving forward. The Wachowski brothers, Larry and Andy, will co-write and direct the movie, with Joel Silver producing. It will be the first directing effort by the pair since The Matrix series ended in 2003 (which was also produced by Silver). Other behind-the-scenes talent will also reunite, including Oscar-winning visual effects supervisor John Gaeta. The film will be based on the classic 1960s animated series featuring the adventures of race car driver Speed and his gadget-laden car, Mach 5. Other characters that will appear in the movie include various members of Speed's family and archrival Racer X.(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

So far Emile Hirsch has been announced as playing Speed, with John Goodman as Pops, and Susan Sarandon as his mother (who did not appear in the cartoon).

Illustration by Sean Galloway

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