Friday, May 30, 2008

The Art of Speed Racer

The Wachowski brothers bring live action anime, color and movement to new levels in Speed Racer. The CGSociety had a look behind the scenes at Digital Domain. read more...

The Art of Speed Racer
with the complete screenplay included (paperback)
by Larry Wachowski (Author), Andy Wachowski (Author), Joel Silver (Foreword), John Gaeta, Dan Glass (Introduction)

Interview with Michael Meyers at
CG Car Modeling Supervisor Michael Meyers talks about his involvement in the movie "Speed Racer", what it takes to be a good modeler, the cg industry, XSI and his career. May, 12th, 2008, by Raffael Dickreuter

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Today I want to recommend a few websites I came across recently. All of them related to film, architecture and design. Enjoy browsing...


A blog featuring articles by Oliver Zeller about architecture and design in media.

ConceptSalad is a brand new website that aims to showcase the best conceptual work from students and designers around the world. With some great work already onboard its well worth a look.


Inspiration can sometimes be hard to find. Notcot is a site that aims to ease this process by serving designers with a feast of inspiring, innovative and unusual design articles from all over the web.