Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Drawing Force

Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators is a school where artists are given the opportunity to experience the ideas of force through drawing. Enrolled students get to view over 30 full video lessons and a forum for critiques and camaraderie. 'Drawing Force' is key to understanding how to capture forceful poses with dynamic drawing. It is informative, concise, and packed full of inspirational illustrations

watch the sample lesson here, buy book at amazon

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Call For Entries

d'artiste Digital Painting 2 is the seventh book in the d'artiste Digital Artists Master Class series celebrating the creative talents of digital artists worldwide. d'artiste is the digital art industry's premier how-to series, featuring the world's best artists' own art and techniques.

Ballistic Publishing
is now calling on artists to submit digital images for consideration in d'artiste Digital Painting 2. Images can be created in any digital painting application (eg. Photoshop, Painter, or Paint Shop Pro).
Entry Deadline: Monday March 24th 2008

Friday, February 08, 2008

Concept Design Academy

Spring 2008 Courses

Concept Design Academy is an LA based school located in the center of Pasadena. Their goal is to create a generous learning environment and deliver quality classes taught by some of the top professionals in the film & game industry.

The new brochure for Spring 2008 have been completed and is out in local schools and art stores in LA area for distribution.

Find out more about Concept Design Academy at their web-blog, cgsociety and

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Marvel Vault

A Museum-in-a-book with Rare Collectibles from the World of Marvel

Roy Thomas and Peter Sanderson tell the history of Marvel, accompanied by reproductions of artifacts. In little plastic pockets reside facsimile Bill Everett sketches, for example, or copies of Marvel Christmas cards or fan group memorabilia or Marvel Stamps (from the comics, not the post office ones). It’s a great deal on a fun coffee table book. Buy at Amazon