Monday, April 27, 2009

Edward Carrick

The book consists of thirty one short chapters that summarize the work of film art directors working in Britain during the preceding 20 years. Michael Hirsh has posted the images and the accompanying biographies of these artists on his blog. Read more at

Art&Design in the British film; A pictorial directory of British art directors and their work, Dennis Dobson Ltd, in 1948 by Edward Carrick

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A New Deal for Artists

An Exhibition at the Smithsonian American Art Museum
February 27, 2009 - January 3, 2010

In 1934, Americans grappled with an economic situation that feels all too familiar today. Against the backdrop of the Great Depression, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's administration created the Public Works of Art Program—the first federal government program to support the arts nationally. Federal officials in the 1930s understood how essential art was to sustaining America's spirit. Artists from across the United States who participated in the program, which lasted only six months from mid-December 1933 to June 1934, were encouraged to depict "the American Scene." The Public Works of Art Program not only paid artists to embellish public buildings, but also provided them with a sense of pride in serving their country. They painted regional, recognizable subjects—ranging from portraits to cityscapes and images of city life to landscapes and depictions of rural life—that reminded the public of quintessential American values such as hard work, community and optimism.

1934: A New Deal for Artists celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Public Works of Art Program by drawing on the Smithsonian American Art Museum's unparalleled collection of vibrant artworks created for the program. The paintings in this exhibition are a lasting visual record of America at a specific moment in time. George Gurney, deputy chief curator, organized the exhibition with Ann Prentice Wagner, curatorial associate.

click here to visit the 1934 flickr set,

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cannabis Works

Tatsuyuki Tanaka made his reputation with his masterful animation of Tetsuo’s mutating arm in Akira and since has split his time between animating, anime layout, conceptualization and manga. He worked on the image boards for Fushigi No Umi No Nadia (The Secret of Blue Water), character designs for the video game Linda Cubed, and tons of storyboards for Studio 4C, famous for it's work on Animatrix, Spriggan, Memories, and Vampire Hunter D, as well as Grasshoppa and Vermilion Pleasure Nights.
Scans of his graphic novel called "Cannabis Works" can be found at Digik Gallery.

His style of drawing is known as 'Superflat', a postmodern art movement founded by the artist Takashi Murakami, which is influenced by manga and anime. It is also the name of a 2001 art exhibition, curated by Murakami, that toured West Hollywood, Minneapolis and Seattle. The term is used by Murakami to refer to various flattened forms in Japanese graphic art, animation, pop culture and fine arts, as well as the "shallow emptiness of Japanese consumer culture."(espvisuals)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

5th Peugeot design competition

The winning concept car:
Peugeot RD designed by
Carlos Arturo Torres Tovar
The main innovative operating feature of the Peugeot RD concept car is its ingenious system of articulation that provides irreproachable road holding allied with the ability the easily thread its way through urban traffic.

Equipped with an environmentally friendly electric motor, the driving position in this single-seat concept offers a new feeling of freedom, thanks to its panoramic vision, voice-message driving assistance and a heads-up display system that gives all the information required for travelling in complete safety. read more...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Design A Logo

The Hugo Award is the most coveted honor a work of science fiction or fantasy can receive and yet it has never had an official logo. The World Science Fiction Society has put out a call for entries to design a logo that can be used on book covers, DVDs, websites etc. The deadline for entries is midnight on May 31st, 2009, Pacific Daylight Time. Click here for the rules and submission guidelines.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Dominance War IV

Once a year, for three months, artists from all over the world come together to take part in a friendly 3D and 2D war between communities. Artists must choose and represent a community involved in the war. When the war is over, the community with the best 3d game art or best concept game art, wins each unique event. This year, 12 different art communities in 7 different languages will compete for World Champion standings in the largest event in the series - Dominance War IV.