Friday, February 02, 2007

Storyboard: Tony Wright

Tony Wright works in the film industry as a storyboard and concept artist. Some of his credits include Harry Potter, Cold Mountain, Star Wars: Episode I, The Avengers, Lost in Space, to mention only a few. In the past he was working as an illustrator for magazines such as Melody Maker, The Times, The Observer, The Mirror and a selection of other periodicals. Some of this work is published on his blog.

Here is a storyboard sequence he did for HARRY POTTER & THE GOBLET OF FIRE directed by Mike Newell. It is a version of the final sequence in the graveyard, where Harry is ensnared by Wormtail in preperation for the reinvigouration of Valdermort.

Tony`s rendering style has a wonderful graphic quality to it, still being clear about three dimensional shapes. Using dramatic light and shadow creates atmospherical sceneries. He seems to work primarily digitally, usually in Photoshop and Painter, using a Wacom Intuos tablet for drawing. Click here or image above to see the storyboard

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Anonymous said...

I love his style.