Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Alex Toth

Toth's contributions to the comics medium are not widely known among casual fans. He did much of his comics work outside the current mainstream of superhero comics, concentrating instead on such subjects as hot rod racing, romance, horror, and action-adventure.
His stint on Disney's Zorro is highly regarded and has been reprinted in trade paperback form several times and there are two volumes of The Alex Toth Reader published by Pure Imagination which focuses on his work for Standard and Western publishing, but otherwise the bulk of his shorter stories can be difficult to locate. Nonetheless, he is widely regarded as an "artist's artist" and is often lumped among such greats as Will Eisner and Jack Kirby as one of the undisputed masters of the sequential storytelling medium.

Journalist Tom Spurgeon wrote that Toth possessed "an almost transcendent understanding of the power of art as a visual story component", and called him "one of the handful of people who could seriously enter into Greatest Comic Book Artist of All-Time discussions" and "a giant of 20th Century cartoon design." He was formally inducted into the Jack Kirby Hall of Fame in 1990.

In the past few years he contributed to the magazines Comic Book Artist and Alter Ego writing columns titled "Before I Forget" and "Who cares? I do!" respectively. In 2006 Billy Ingram and James Counts of TVparty [5] produced a book titled "Dear John: The Alex Toth Doodle Book" cataloguing his correspondence with John Hitchcock, published by Octopus Press.

Alex Toth may be one of the world's greatest comic artist. His influence is seen in the work of talents as diverse as Jordi Bernet and Kevin Nowlan. The purpose of this gallery is to present his art in its purest form, uncolored and as it was originally drawn.

The Official Alex Toth Website

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